Ready-made Website Design and Creating service (CoolStart) Proposal
ReadyPlanet (Myanmar) Co., Ltd.


Dear Customer

Subject Website design service (CoolStart) proposal

CoolStart is a special service to design and create website for customer, by collecting customer’s requirement, information, pictures and put all information onto ReadyPlanet (Myanmar)’s ready-made website platform, we also decorate the website for completion and ready to use.

The Company will design and complete customer’s website in the designated period, according to customer’s requirement which suits each business type by our professional designers who have served thousands of customer. Our services as below;

1. Designing and Creating Service

      1.1 Designing of first page template includes of website background, head banner, main menu tabs, sub-menu tabs, bottom area and introduction               content.
      1.2 Designing of 4 inside pages such as About Us, Contact Us, Payment and Information.
      1.3 Customer is entitled to select 1 out of 8 layout templates.
      1.4 Designing a static head banner.
      1.5 Retouching 50 pictures in the website.
      1.6 Pictures uploading service including details or article onto website (prepared by customer only).
      1.7 Inserting 30 pictures and products’ detail (content and details are prepared by customer only).
      1.8 Adding 1 page of web-board (optional).

2. Customer is responsible to prepare all ready-to-use information such as Text file, Picture files .jpg, .gif, other relevant files for designer to use in           order to create the website, customer must keep them organized separately by sections and menu.

3. Customer is allowed to revise first design (Mock Up) 3 times only (extra revision will be charged)

4. Company will design the other 4 inside website pages. During the process, customer is allowed to revise content and pictures of these 4 inside           website pages up to 3 times before making an approval (extra revision will be charged by Company). Hence, customer must prepare all details of         requirement before each revision throughly.

5. Period of designing and creating is 60 working days from agreement signing date. If the period is completed and the website is not finished due to a     delay of information submitting by customer, we will stop this service. And if customer would like to continue, additional agreement will be made           and signed by customer.

6. ReadyPlanet (Myanmar) Co., Ltd. will design and create website, after customer’s acceptance and sign on the agreement.

7. Customer must sign on end of contract document when the completed website is approved. 

Process and period

1. Customer receives CoolStart service document.

2. Customer accepts on condition and agreement of CoolStart service and makes payment.

3. An appointment for customer signing on the contract (customer can bring all information for creating the website on appointed date).

4. After that, customer will give their requirement and details on how their website should be at ReadyPlanet (Myanmar) Co., Ltd. Office. The beginning     and the last date of service will be set and agreed upon 2 parties.

5. Our designer will complete designing customer’s website within 60 working days. After approving the website customer must sign end of contract         document.

CoolStart Service Timeline


 Agreement signing date


 Customer provides additional information within first 15 days from the agreement signing date.


 Designer starts designing and making first Mock up, after receiving completed information. After customer confirms  on Mock up, we will put all information on the website for customer to verify and make changes.


 Last day for customer to sign on end of contract document



Ready-made Website Designing and Creating Details (CoolStart)
ReadyPlanet (Myanmar) Co., Ltd.

  • Designing of first page template and 4 inside pages (such as About Us, Our Service and Contact Us), first page is included of following
  • No. 1Head Banner and Top Menu (static pictures)
  • No. 2Website Background
  • No. 3Side Menu
  • No. 4 Introduction content
  • Inserting 30 pictures and products’ detail (No.5) all content and information is prepared by customer only.
  • Retouching 50 pictures in the website.



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